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More Stuff

I've been making stuff since I smashed all that glass and made a palm tree mosaic on a piece of plywood at age 12. Here's some more recent work.  (the mosaic didn't survive...)

To your right is a Marie LeVeau bride from the voodoo phase. I made a whole lot of voodoo dolls.

The Ruby Rosewood pieces below are created from found vintage and not-so-vintage frames and boxes. They are restored, intricately painted and then embellished with ribbon and beading—then they're freshly lined in velvet. The painting style evolved from random doodles drawn since high school, and has been carefully cultivated throughout the years. The frames are meant to stand alone as art unto themselves, hence the satin ribbon and beaded pendants hung in the middle of each.  Since these have been so personally compelling, the concept has been extended to include small furniture, too.

Commissions are always welcome.



Polly's People

These are just a few of the marionettes that were shown in galleries around the Northwest from La Connor to Cannon Beach.

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